Southwest, USA

October 26, 2012

Herschel Supply Well Travelled

Endless highways, dry desert air  and vibrant city lights are just a few things that inspire Herschel Supply. To further share our inspirations, we are excited to introduce our latest “Well Travelled”, a monthly photo-essay submitted by the friends and family involved with Herschel Supply.  Join us on our journey as we travel the world showcasing all of the unique places and interesting spaces discovered along the way.  Click through to view the second edition of Well Travelled…


Between California beaches and Rocky Mountain ski bums, dried oceans and grand speedways wait in a stretch of scorched earth. Here, great saltpans and their legendary straightaways, ancient red rock roads and Vegas, the original city of sin, all occupy an area was once called the Wild West. Take the back roads, steer clear of tourist traps and you’re guaranteed a look back into a world time has forgotten. Take a moment to enjoy Nick Lipton’s words and images below:

Visit Moab, stay in the Best Western, throw a pool party and soak it all in.

Wild horses roam Western Nevada. The locals see them as pests.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for those in the desert.
Just another road cutting through Nevada.

This sign was pelted with gunshots of all sorts.

Places like these bring, “I dare you…” to a whole new level.
The Salt Flats at dawn.
Follow the Colorado into Moab. Watch as your mind explodes.

Over the rock wall arches and canyons of all types wait to be gawked at.

After breathing dust for a week there’s nothing like a pool party.


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