Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

January 12, 2016

Documentary and commercial photographer Eliza Powell has lived in Africa for the past 20 years and calls a coffee farm on the slopes of Kilimanjaro home. Enjoy her words and photos from an adventure in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park…

I recently had the pleasure of visiting an animal-dense corner in East Africa — the Northern Serengeti’s Sayari Camp in particular. It continues to play a pivotal long-term conservation role, and provides employment for the communities living on the boundary of the park. This breathtaking area is home to lions, elephants, a large hippo and black rhino population, as well as the wildebeests and zebras that migrate through the park. It truly is an eye-opening experience.

Sleepy lions
Sleepy lions
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    Leaping Impalas

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_17

    Luminous local vegetation

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_26

    A curious giraffe

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_32

    Time for a coffee break

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_31

    Footprints from a genet cat and the wings of flying ants

Walking with elephants
Walking with elephants
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    The Serengeti sun

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_10

    Ostrich identification

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_34

    Perched Wahlberg's eagles

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_08

    Game drive

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Serengeti_Eliza-Powell_11

    Striking skies

Another beautiful African sunset
Another beautiful African sunset
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