December 11, 2015

Maui-based travel and lifestyle photographer Robyn Penn enjoyed a week exploring Cadaqués, Spain, with her family. For the Well Travelled series, she shares her words and images from this village oasis and the surrounding areas…

There’s no such thing as coincidence. When my three siblings ended up in Europe, we decided to meet in the isolated Mediterranean fishing village of Cadaqués. Carved into the cliffside, our ancient stone house looked back over crystal blue waters to the 17th century Church of Santa Maria and Casino L’Amistat, which are the cultural hubs of the town. We explored the coastline by boat, hiked through the surrounding Cap de Creus National Park and wandered the lively cobblestone streets.

Taking a moment
Taking a moment
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    Bright flower contrast

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Cadaques_0237

    Daily wander

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Cadaques_0252

    La Riera Monday market

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    Lunch essentials

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    Mediterranean fishing vessel

The trek to Far de Cala Nans (Cala Nans Lighthouse)
The trek to Far de Cala Nans (Cala Nans Lighthouse)
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    Cobblestone cannonball

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    Cala Nans Lighthouse

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    The Church of Santa Maria's many cats

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    End of the line

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    Sunset over Cadaqués

The beautiful Cala sa Cebolla
The beautiful Cala sa Cebolla
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