Bernese Alps

Bernese Alps

December 23, 2015

London, England-based film photographer Benjamin Evans decided to take a break from the city in order to explore the breathtaking panoramics that Switzerland’s Bernese Alps has to offer. Enjoy his words and images…

We love the comforts of home, but the mountains were calling. As the winding roads around the lake gave way to the magnificence of the Bernese Alps, we knew instantly that we had arrived where we needed to be. We spent our days exploring the snow-capped monsters that towered over us. From bright blue skies at 2,900 metres up, to hikes shrouded in mist where we couldn’t see past our own feet, the Berner Oberland provided us with the perfect nature hit.

On the hills of Beatenberg
On the hills of Beatenberg
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    Hanging out by the lake

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans6

    A clear blue river fed by the Alps

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans3

    The sun joins a precipitation blend

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans14

    Silent and snow-covered

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans21

    The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains provide an impressive backdrop

A sharp ridgeline drop
A sharp ridgeline drop
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    Peace and love to the Swiss mountains

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    Alpine goats on the lookout

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans23

    Snack break in a shelter with a view

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans29

    One of the 72 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen Valley

  • HSC_Well-Travelled_Bernese-Alps_BenjaminEvans5

    Texture meets color

Breathing the high altitude air
Breathing the high altitude air
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