The Adventure Begins

August 15, 2013


To celebrate our first ever print publication, every Thursday on our blog we’ll share a new Fall inspired feature from the The Journal. The adventure begins with a trip to a secluded lake. Enjoy the first of many stories…


A familiar route doesn’t always cut it.

Looking beyond city streets to where the forest wears countless colours, we bundle ourselves and a few select supplies together. Grandad’s fishing rod, trusty gas lantern and Mom’s well loved blankets are thrown in backpacks, just in case. The truck warms up while we plot our way forward. On the map, so many towns, lakes, peaks and valleys open up to us and we start feeling warmer now. Maybe we’ll build a campfire, cook a freshly caught fish, or wander the rocky shore for the perfect view. A little knowing smile and we head off, in search of a place that feels right.

Open road and blurring trees surround us for miles, every now and then light beams through spruce trees and we cruise blissfully through the powdery filter. The fishing rod tinkles against the cooler in the trunk begging to be used, so we hang a right down a dirt road and pull up by a lake. We’re completely cradled in by the mountains and the water is melted silver.

Without a care for time, we have the time for details. Wandering over mossy rocks through sturdy old forests, its the little things that captivate. A wispy spider’s web, laden with dew catches in light when the fog lifts – clever little guy knows how to make the delicate strong. Hiking along, gathering materials for a fire, we see the leaves have given up their grip and settled underfoot to make patchwork patterns of brilliant red, rust, and gold.

In through a clearing we reach a familiar vine covered cabin sitting as stately as ever amongst the oaks. Its weathering walls hold generations of good memories – of carefree days, relaxing evenings and cosy nights. Emptying our bags inside, we lay out our collected wood and begin stacking the fireplace. Dusk rolls across the lake outside as our room fills with warmth. From the foggy windows we see the driftwood, like us, has rested along this shoreline. Settling in for a night of boardgames and hot chocolate, we wonder how far those logs have travelled and what little creatures hitched a ride on their backs. Tomorrow we’ll see if we can greet them down the river at the next shoreline. Our adventure has just begun…

Check back next Thursday for the another instalment from The Journal – ‘Luck Of A Fisherman’.

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