Luck Of A Fisherman

August 22, 2013


To celebrate our first ever print publication, every Thursday on our blog we’ll share a new Fall inspired feature from the The Journal. Get into the spirit with this story on the joys of fishing.



Some say the best thing about fishing is mastering the art of waiting, while others enjoy the contrast between the solitude in nature and the adrenaline rush of hooking the day’s largest fish. One sentiment even the most disparate fishermen agree upon, is that their sport has nothing to do with luck.

Fishing is an easily relatable sport – anyone could pick up a rod, some tackle and try their ‘luck’. Those who live to fish know that it is a complex sport and an intuitive art, all based on exact science. There are enough oceans, lakes and rivers to warrant a degree on their anatomy and on their inhabitant’s biology. Once you have this knowledge you can read a body of water like a book and decipher the perfect timing and techniques to lure your chosen species of fish. A fisherman needs to be well tuned into the environment as well, sensing and understanding the weather, temperature, barometric pressure, water clarity and tidal patterns. With this in mind, a fisherman’s luck ends at timing the request to go fishing.

Another sentiment shared by all who fish is the joy it brings. How this manifests is unique to the individual, however there are a few nearly universal benefits that can be enjoyed by both the novice and the expert. It’s hard to deny the soul cleansing properties of being near water. Arriving early in the morning while the fog’s still lifting, the glass-like water is more reviving than coffee and more cleansing than tea. The alone time can be so clarifying and in contrast the memories made with a fishing companion will stay forever.

Whether they’ve made a catch or not, the fisherman is already blessed with an amazing setting, rewarding challenge and a memorable day spent in nature. Take a pause next time you feel the urge to wish a fisherman good luck, as its more than likely they have no need for luck at all.

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