Let Nature Run You A Bath

September 26, 2013


To celebrate our first ever print publication, every Thursday on our blog we’ll share a new Fall inspired feature from the The Journal. This week’s story invites you into a soothing, hidden hot spring…



Nestled in a distant forest there’s a hidden oasis of hot, soothing pools. The Sloquet Hot Springs are a rewarding destination, but the white knuckled journey there is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to enter the remote territory of rough dirt roads and disorientating surroundings.

The logging trucks will be your only company on the road and take care as they hurl past. With one eye on the scenery, you’ll catch a glimpse of Lillooet Lake shining through a clearing, its brilliant green-blue water lit up by the rising sun. Looking closer still you might see other adventurers with their tents by the shore.

Soon you’re so deep in the wilderness that all devices have gone quiet – there’s no reception or civilization here. Just when you think you’re lost, a sign points into the thick forest, confirming your little oasis is just around the bend. Once you reach the camp ground, gather your things and continue on foot. A tree root staircase helps you descend the rocky cliffs, lined with waterfalls flowing to the stone pools below. Nature has run you the perfect spa bath, all that’s left to do is dip your toes and chose how hot to go. Sinking into the steaming water, its fabled minerals immediately work their magic and you feel all tensions wash away. As Native legend goes, these pools have natural healing properties. Stay until your hands turn to prunes. If you haven’t been lulled to sleep by dark, you’ll get one last reward – to light the tea lights left by those before you. Let nature sooth your soul as you lie back in a glowing paradise, listening to the night…

Image by James Crowe,  wearewestamerica.com

Check back next Thursday for another instalment from The Journal – ‘Kashmir, India.’

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