Eyes to the sky

February 17, 2014


The first breaths of spring are floating across the pacific. We trace them back to a far western archipelago, where the fresh air that has revived nature, now entices us to come out and play. We’ll escape to a remote island that clings to this western peninsula and there, we’ll shake off the last of winter. Promising to deliver simple pleasures and lasting memories, the endless, gleaming beaches and thick forests will become ours for a while.

Eyes to the sky as the clouds move along, the only way to reach this place is to first go up. With our cargo packed and ready, we’re whisked into the air by a floatplane and carried over the sea. Grey towers disappear behind us as we head west towards islands balancing on the horizon. Eagerly peering down through the cabin windows, we get a first glimpse of whales heading for the same remote coves. Nearing our destination, we see countless curious inlets striping the landscape below. The gentle descent slowly reveals their raw beauty, and we grow eager to touch down and explore the wonders that abound.

White water whips up as the plane glides to a halt at the silvering, wooden dock. Beyond the trees, the small town of Tofino, with its long beaches and wild characters, awaits. With no need for plans, we roam carefree. Equipped with a backpack, bike and a surfboard, we chase the sun down whichever winding track we choose. The awakening mixture of salt and pine tickles the senses and coaxes us through the forest down towards the beach.


Arriving at the shore, we find swells of fresh pacific water. With eagles gliding overhead and orca whales breaching past the surf, simply paddling on a board is thrilling enough. Comfortable in our wetsuits and soaked by the warm sun, we can float as long as we like in this rare wilderness.

There are clues left behind by others who’ve lingered during the day. Along the beach stand remnants of simple beach shelters that have been crafted from driftwood. Adding our beach towels to a chosen frame, we lie beneath the makeshift shelter til dusk, watching the mountains behind the bay fade from view.

Tomorrow when the sun spills across Tofino again, we might stroll among the cedars or fly to another shore. Knowing no bounds, we are totally free to soak up spring anywhere and any way we please. Out here, the sky isn’t the limit, but the beginning.

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