Cabin Fever

September 19, 2013


To celebrate our first ever print publication, every Thursday on our blog we’ll share a new Fall inspired feature from the The Journal. This week we embrace the desire for cosy Fall getaways and share tips to create a crackling cabin fire…



As things cool down outside, you may begin to feel a few familiar symptoms: There’s the mounting desire to be surrounded by earthy elements, to build your own wood fire and watch the rain from inside a cosy shelter, that’s far away from the grid… The diagnosis is clear – you’re coming down with a classic case of modern day Cabin Fever.

Today’s Cabin Fever almost directly opposes the traditional ailment – it now stems from a yearning to go back to our roots and live simply for a few glorious days. When life’s to-do lists, digital devices and excessive things seem to irritate, the humble cabin invites you to retreat to the simple things of self-sufficiency and relaxation in a peaceful setting.

To have you well on your way, we’ve put together these easy to follow steps for the perfect cabin fire. Read on and enjoy your next Fall getaway in toasty warm style.


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