February 17, 2014


This Spring 2014, Herschel Supply presents a new project, created in collaboration with Californian artist Kevin Butler. As the creator of well-loved series, Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards on Them, Herschel Supply brings you a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the rad Californian lifestyle.

Kevin’s Rad Cars illustrations harken back to his Californian childhood of sun drenched days at San-O beach, fixing old cars with his dad and working at the surfboard factory. From an early age, Kevin recognized old cars and surfboards as functional art, seeing the romance behind their craftsmanship. Several decades later, Kevin has nostalgically translated these two loves into a new art form with Rad Cars, striking a chord with fans worldwide. Each of Kevin’s cars topped with surfboards reimagines the surfer’s blissful commute to and from the waves. The air smells of sunscreen and surf wax and the tarmac is awash with sun bleached pastels and glowing chrome.

“There are a very select few companies that I really want to align myself with. Herschel Supply has always been one of them. Working with Herschel was great because they’re a really nice sized company – big enough to get rad stuff done, but not so big that you have to go through unnecessary layers.” – Kevin Butler


The Spring 2014 Collection combines Kevin’s passion for surfing life and design credibility with Herschel Supply’s dedication to fine quality made goods and sense of adventure. Each bag features Kevin’s hand illustrated Rad Cars print and is fully drainable, ready for sun and surf soaked days.

The thirteen piece collection includes Herschel’s signature backpack, duffle and accessory silhouettes, in hues inspired by Kevin’s illustrations and with the Rad Cars print as an inside liner. Completing this beach ready range are long and short board surf socks, a surfboard rack and beach towel, all adorned with Rad Cars prints.


Little America in Bone/Synchro Red


Sutton Duffle Mid Volume in Bone/Synchro Red


Settlement in Bone/Defender Green


Survey in Bone/Defender GreenHSC_S14_LS_Anchor_13_RadCars_1

Anchor Sleeve in Rad Cars


Johnny Wallet in Rad Cars

The Spring 2014 Rad Cars collection can be found in select stores worldwide and on herschelsupply.com.


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