May 8, 2014


Bringing life to the popular Well Travelled photo journal series, Herschel Supply has partnered with Intrepid Travel to give away a trip for two to Peru. Through the Wander The World photo contest, we are looking for the most authentic example of Well Travelled – enjoying, exploring and experiencing through travel.

Along the way we’ll provide details on the destinations to be visited by the grand prize winner. After looking at the World Heritage site Machu Picchu last week, we explore a second stop on the tour, The Sacred Valley and town of Ollantaytambo.


A popular tourist destination, Ollantaytambo (commonly referred to as Ollanta) was once the heartland of the Inca Empire and today remains an incredible archeological site surrounded by picturesque villages and scenic hiking trails. The best surviving example of Inca city planning, much of the architecture has remained the same as when the Incas presided over it in the 13th century.


The scenery around Ollanta serves as some of the most stunning in the region, with both sides of the valley lined with Inca stone agricultural terraces and massive temple-fortresses built by the former Emperor Pachacutec when he conquered the region in the 15th century.

Representing a formidable feat of Inca architecture the temple ruins are perhaps second to only Machu Picchu in terms of grandeur and harmony with the surrounding landscape.



Nowadays Ollanta plays an important role as one of the most common starting points for the three-day, four-night hike on the Inca Trail leading up to Machu Picchu and remains a guiding force in the research and understanding of how Inca civilization functioned in the early 13th century.

For a chance to visit this thoroughly charming village and hertiage site, share your travel photos in the Wander The World photo contest, running from now until May 27, 2014.


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