The Brentwood

There’s an allure about New York City and its quick walking, fast talking characteristics that draws millions to its isle. But for those Manhattanites in need of a recess, upstate New York is the perfect respite. Located on the outskirts of downtown Saratoga Springs, a leisurely 3.5 hour drive from New York proper, the white board-and-batten façade of the Brentwood hotel is a haven of contemporary staging on a historic property.

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Twelve appointed rooms on the grounds of America’s storied Saratoga Race Course — where the legendary horse Seabiscuit was discovered — welcome guests with its warm palate of rich high-gloss wood, JACLO brass fixtures and antique kilim rugs. Designed and owned by Brooklyn-based creative group Studio Tack, the Brentwood delights with old world character executed with a modern resourcefulness.

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“At the Brentwood, your day starts slowly”

Native or visiting, early mornings are plentiful for those in NYC. A brisk walk to your local for a cup of morning verve, you order the usual, slap a lid on it and you’re back out the door just as quickly as you came in. At the Brentwood, your day starts slowly with a complementary Maquina Roasters coffee in the lobby. Once your senses awaken, you’re ready to explore Saratoga or enjoy the bliss of doing nothing — perhaps even making your way back to bed. We wouldn’t blame you, since the Brentwood’s rooms are outfitted with custom pine beds by woodcrafter David Cummings, hand-dyed Brooklyn-based Sharktooth blankets and views of the over 150-year-old Saratoga Race Course.

Claimed as one of the world’s greatest sporting venues by Sports Illustrated, the Saratoga Race Course is the oldest operating racetrack in America, racing fans flock to Saratoga from around the world to cheer on their favorite horses during the season. Though the season only takes place six weeks out of the year, thoroughbreds can be admired during training from May to October. From the Brentwood hotel, enjoy a parade of these majestic animals as they make their way to and from the track each morning.

While the pace of Manhattan is to always get to the finish line first, the joys of upstate New York — and in this particular case, the Brentwood — are almost enough to make you wonder why you would ever leave.

Written by Sheila Lam

Photographed by Matthew Johnson

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