The Daydreamer

The average person spends nearly half of their waking hours in a state of blurred lucidity — a time when the immediate present is temporarily substituted by a visionary dreamscape. It’s common to think of a dream as something disconnected, but the wandering mind is anything but detached. Ideas and concepts are pulled from other worlds in order to make them a reality in this one.

Daydreams allow you to flicker across a continent in an instant, blinking from one coast to another. This time it begins by perching atop the craggy, wave-wracked cliffs of Cape Spear, Newfoundland — North America’s true east. The wind grasps at your clothes as you face an iron-speckled Atlantic, which has shaped enormous ice monoliths during their slow and steady migration. A pleasant waft of freshly shaved spruce directs your attention to a Grand Banks dory being paddled in search of sea edibles for the dinner table. Turning to the foggy shore, vibrant yellow, red and blue hues clearly define the conjoined Victorian row houses in the distance.

“Daydreams allow you to flicker across a continent in an instant, blinking from one coast to another.”

Moving westward, vast cityscapes of glass and steel meet rolling forested hills and shimmering lakes. A panoramic golden prairie stretches the horizon before it’s eventually dwarfed by indomitable snow-capped mountain ranges. Before long, you’re plunged into the swaying mossy forests of the far Pacific shore — eventually rising from this imaginative state with renewed inspiration.

Written by Frank Daniello and Grady Mitchell
Photographed by Stephen Wilde

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