Printed Matter

March 31, 2014


Herschel Supply is built on a history of clean sensibilities and a forward thinking attitude to the production of high quality bags. Classic designs reign, yet there is always room for creativity and considered uniqueness throughout each season.

From recognizable silhouettes to the distinct details found inside each piece of product, all Herschel Supply items are designed with the finest regard for detail. One of the most unique details is apparent in the print that appears on the material its self, of which 90 percent are custom made in house.


This Spring, there is one print that truly exemplifies a designer’s ability to see beauty in the details, and to be inspired by the seemingly ordinary. Aptly named the ‘Pacific’ print, this unique design captures the beauty of six Pacific Northwest ocean fish illustrated by hand. The original inspiration for the print however, did not come from the local oceans where the fish live, but from the wall of a local market. Spotted through the window by one of the designers at Herschel Supply, the intricate drawings of a vintage fish poster sparked the idea for this print. Kindly leant to the team by the market’s owner, work soon started at the studio just a few blocks away, to translate the poster into a functional piece of art.


The craftsmanship of drawing is an important element at the core of Herschel Supply’s aesthetic. From print design to branding, and from packaging to everyday story-telling, the design team is not afraid to turn off the computer and put pen to paper. Herschel Supply continuously re-imagines how classic illustration techniques can be incorporated into contemporary collections, making each and every product truly unique.


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