The Next, Next Generation

Herschel Supply presents Issue 07 of The Journal — a bi-annual collection of seasonally inspired stories that celebrate design and travel. Complimentary copies of the Fall/Winter print edition are available at select global stockists, and it can now be viewed in a convenient digital edition. Enjoy this issue’s introduction and peruse each story online…

The Next, Next Generation

The world as it exists is the product of human thinking — whether through design or unintended consequence. Everything that surrounds us is the culmination of our collective imagination, a dream from the distant past, inherited and brought to life in the present. It is the momentous role of every generation to take the next step, renewing old world customs with modern ingenuity, creating lasting impressions that inspire the future.

Each manifestation shares familiar similarities, from the mud-formed casbah of an antique civilization to the neon boulevards of an infinite metropolis. The bustling noise and tantalizing sights of a crowded market draw visitors from every walk of life, while the abundant offering of artisan wares tell the unique story of their creators. With carefully honed skills and a respect for tradition, modern craftsmen reshape raw elements to meet the demands of today.

“The speed at which we evolve is accelerating faster than ever before.”

These pieces serve as simple tokens of our place in the timeline, the high-water mark for the never-ceasing waves of innovation that each new set of challenges brings. Groundbreaking advances have transformed industries and individual lives, empowering creativity and new means of exploration.

As humanity grows more accustomed to the conveniences of modern society, the speed at which we evolve is accelerating faster than ever before. The visionary minds of the Next, Next Generation keep moving us forward, and the end of the journey is nowhere in sight.

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Written by Herschel Supply
Photographed by Stephen Wilde

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