Sanctuary Awaits

Far beyond the seas of time, a powerful stillness steeps the fragrant flora of paradise. This is a place for rejuvenation, where calming ocean waves realign the body and mind. With each breath comes renewed inspiration, and the unconflicted movement of all living things.

Awakened in a Mexican village by the soft touch of an early breeze, billowing white linen curtains reveal the fresh coat of scarlet that envelops a quaint boutique hotel nearby. As the sun intensifies, a small street-side market displays the sun-bleached skulls of cattle beautifully brought to life with vivid colors and the spirituality of Huichol artisans.

“Far beyond the seas of time, a powerful stillness steeps the fragrant flora of paradise.”

Deep into the tropical wilderness lies a cliffside stone mansion fading into an overgrown botanical haze. Shadowed by goliath palms, the cracked mosaic tiles speak of a paradise that once was. Bright white sands transition into the crystal blue waters below, where spearfishers swim amongst sea creatures riding the flowing current that ripples the ocean floor. Emerging from a distant coastline of shimmering pebbles, wayfaring strangers become modern explorers on an ancient and mountainous Greek island that exudes tranquility.

An unspoiled sanctuary awaits. Each day gives new life to the promise of a place that may be forgotten in time, but not in the dreams of those who seek to reclaim a piece of it for themselves.

Written by Herschel Supply
Photographed by Stephen Wilde

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