Herschel Supply for Clarks Originals

September 9, 2014


For Fall 2014, Herschel Supply Co. and Clarks Originals® have come together for the first time to produce an adventurous spin on Clarks’ classic Desert Boot® and hiking inspired Vulco Guide Boot®. These two iconic silhouettes have been respectfully reimagined by Herschel Supply, giving rise to unique footwear that will take you around the city or into the wilderness. In essence, this collection represents the coming together of two like minds.


The simplicity of the Desert Boot and Vulco Guide Boot provided the ideal foundation for combining material textures. Both styles are rendered in tactile mixtures of soft suede, cotton ripstop, selvage denim and premium leather, atop the Clarks Originals eponymous crepe sole. The Desert Boot and the Vulco Boot are available in two colorways including navy blue or army green and are fully lined with Herschel Supply’s signature red and white striped liner. These new incarnations uphold the practicality and style of the Clarks Originals brand; two boots tailor-made to take on the everyday in their stride.

The Herschel Supply for Clarks Originals Volco Guide Boot in Army Green

The Herschel Supply for Clarks Originals Desert Boot in Navy Blue

As with all creative ventures, the process is key. Take a deeper look into the design processes, values and aesthetic sensibilities through an interview with Herschel Supply founders Jamie and Lyndon Cormack as they provide a backstory on how this unique partnership came to be.

Why did Herschel Supply want to work with Clarks Originals and how did the partnership come together?

Clarks Originals is a brand that we have respected for a long time. Since we can remember we’ve been wearing their product and searching out new styles. Clarks represents an iconic casual style that can be dressed up or down. As far as the partnership goes, it was really a coming together of two likeminded brands that represent design-driven thinking and timelessness; it was a natural fit.

Where did the inspiration for the product design come from?

We really focus on attention to detail in our design and wanted to push the boundaries with this partnership. By playing around with mixed materials like leather and suede, we were able to introduce an interesting material story to the time-honored Clarks Originals silhouettes, giving them a versatile look that also represent classic Herschel Supply characteristics.



With such a diverse range of popular Clarks Originals silhouettes to choose from, why were the Desert Boot and Vulco Guide Boot selected for the Herschel Supply partnership?

As Clarks Originals most popular silhouette, the Desert Boot is one we’ve worn since we were young and hence it was a given for this partnership. Bringing in the Vulco Guide Boot as a recently introduced silhouette seemed like a fresh but natural fit with a utilitarian style, that can transverse the outdoors or everyday casual wear.

What was the main goal behind the design of the collection?

The two boots were designed with details and style to stand the test of time. We want you to be able to wear them today and for years to come. They are classic silhouettes reworked with new materials, to showcase both brand’s dedication for pushing the boundaries of design.


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