Converging Deserts

On a journey through the vast plains of North America’s Mojave and Sonoran deserts, the endless landscape stretches impossibly far in every direction and the unbridled sun seems intent to scorch all that lies below. It takes a while to adjust to the unforgiving environment and recognize the abundance of life and opportunity that surprisingly thrives there.

Other-wordly Joshua Trees and century-old yucca plants defiantly call this tricky terrain home, ignoring the eco-system’s constant attempts to destroy them. Over thousands of years the arid land has also attracted open-minded dreamers and doers who sought space to explore new ideas. To them, the desert’s dizzying sky was the only limit to their imagination.

Like buried treasure, the wild ideas of generations can be uncovered in the dusty plains surrounding Palm Springs. Follow one road and you’ll find a hot-bed of modernist architecture framed by crumbling canyons; a little way down another takes you to a mind-altering work of art that must be seen to be believed; tracing a path through history reveals countless ways to use the flourishing agave plant; and looping back will bring you past towering wind turbines that power the nation.

The creative thinking behind such feats continues to flow and shift among the sand dunes, inspiring new innovations. The ripples can be felt in cities miles away – as the ideas of desert dreamers permeate the world.

Written by Amy Woodroffe
Photographed by Stephen Wilde

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