“This place has heart, it’s always alive,” says Bronx-based photographer Brian Cardinal. “The character of the city is like no other, which ensures that there’s something for everyone.”

While Brian prefers to point his lens towards the diverse architecture that New York has to offer, he also focuses on the people that bring the city to life in such a unique way.

“I’m always drawn to the personalities on the street,” he says. “I’ll take portraits of them and capture them in the moment. They all have their own stories, and the architecture, new and old, holds just as many stories. NYC is an open book, full of fine lines, reflections, light and shadows waiting to be interpreted by anyone willing to explore and create.”

As for Brian’s favorite places to photograph in the city? “That’s a toss up between SoHo and the Financial District,” he mentions. “SoHo’s architecture gives you the feeling that you’re not in a big city. In contrast, most of the buildings in the Financial District are quite large, making it just perfect for catching shadows.”