“It’s cliché to say this, but Winnipeg is sort of a hidden gem,” 22-year-old photographer Mike Peters explains. “We’re not near mountains or the ocean, but we have a well established creative landscape that’s continually developing. It’s a small city with a big heart.”

Centrally located in southern Canada, Winnipeg is the province of Manitoba’s capital city. Its culturally diverse population fuels active food, arts and entertainment scenes that are set to a historic urban landscape.

“My favorite areas include East and West Broadway; it’s the cornerstone of the city and has so much culture and energy,” Mike mentions. “There’s River Heights, where the trees curl over the residential streets, and finally the Exchange District with its heritage buildings full of details that many people overlook. All of these areas are great places to photograph.”

Mike first picked up a camera two years ago, and has since established a full-time freelance career. His work (and Winnipeg) was recently featured on the back cover of the limited edition City Limitless publication, which was produced by Herschel Supply and Street Dreams Magazine.

“Photography changed the way I see this city,” he says. “Natural light and unique weather — the hot summers, cold winters and everything in between — are a constant source for my creative inspiration. No matter where I end up, Winnipeg will always be my home.”