Just beyond the doorstep lies a sprawling city brimming with concrete, steel and glass muses for an enthusiastic eye to appreciate. Herschel Supply introduces City Limitless – a community-driven and global content series. From metropolitan skylines to compelling architecture, unique public spaces and compelling interiors, each carefully curated photo essay will feature an urban landscape captured by the discerning lens of a local.

To open the series, Yuma Yamashita shares Tokyo — a spectacular Japanese capital of over 13 million people, and a place where design and culture vividly intersect.

“I enjoy the city for its cuisine and fashion, but architecture is what really draws me to it,” Yuma explains. “Tokyo Station comes to mind, as well as the business district in Shinjuku around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.”

Yuma’s foray into photography began with iPhone images shared on Instagram before he refined his approach and expanded into the professional realm.

“I’m really drawn to light and shadows; this city also has some of the best lines and symmetry, which has really affected my growth as a photographer. I love exploring and finding new places to photograph in Tokyo.”