Situated one degree above the equator, at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, the island city-state of Singapore occupies a small area, but its rapid urban and cultural development means there’s much to discover.

“The climate and size of Singapore do not prevent the many talented creatives from constantly pushing the limits by exploring every corner of this city,” explains Merlin Kafka, a Scotland-based Design Engineering student who spent six months studying in the area. “Beyond the typical tourist attractions, Singapore really encourages you to seek places that are off the beaten path.”

Over the years, Merlin’s photography progressed as he continued to document his travels. Diverse urban scenes are featured in most of his current images, and Singapore provided him with plenty of inspiration. “My passion definitely lies in capturing moody and atmospheric environments,” he says. “I’ve trained my eye to spot details and geometry, which I can also apply in my designs.”

Aside from the green spaces that seamlessly blend into the dynamic cityscape, Merlin is quick to point out that it’s the people that make this place truly unique. “It’s a melting pot; the immediate and direct access to so many different cultures is my favorite thing about Singapore.”