“Believe it or not, the city of Portland existed before Portlandia burst onto the scene in 2011,” says photographer Brett Burns. “And although it was once dubbed the craft beer capital of North America and the most hipster city in the U.S., there’s a lot more to Portland than the hilarious stereotypes portrayed by Mr. Armisen. Except that they do have amazing donuts — that’s just a cold, hard fact.”

Brett strives to capture beauty in the ordinary, as exemplified in this City Limitless image offering. “My inspiration derives from moody landscapes, monumental architecture, and human uniqueness,” he elaborates. “I love capturing a city in its natural state — I’m naturally drawn to back streets, busy shops, old buildings, and open spaces.”

The Vancouver, Canada-based content creator and strategist embraces how diverse urban areas are in close proximity to nature in Portland, not to mention the unique individuals that bring the city to life. “Portland is Portland because of its people,” he explains. “There are so many characters; you can post up at Heart Coffee and people-watch for hours.”

In terms of favorite places to photograph in the city, Brett is drawn to Hawthorne Boulevard, as well as the Northwest and Alberta Arts districts. “Everything is just more interesting there,” he mentions, “but it’s the never-ending supply of good coffee, cool bridges, cultural history, friendly residents, nearby hikes, and of course the Nike campus, that make Portland a must-do.”