Having been living in Paris for the past 20 years, Samih Jemai — a graduate of philosophy at the Sorbonne — has an evocative eye for the City of Light. “I’ve been taking photos since I was a kid, mostly using Polaroid and film. Though with the rise of digital photography, my interest became more focused.”

Among the 20-arrondissements of Paris, Samih is a local to the picturesque Canal Saint Martin neighborhood — a favourite he states along with upper Marais. “It has the best night life in town with bars, cafés and restaurant along the Canal. It’s also home to the creative crowd.”

For Samih, seeking inspiration inside the Parisian capital is endless. “I mostly shoot architecture and landscape, especially when travelling. I don’t take photographs to record the moment but to see things differently; even though I shoot the same subject multiple times, I always try to see it differently and discover a new aspect, framing and lighting,” he says.

“What I like most about Paris is the possibility to live in a cosmopolitan city that offers almost everything without having the alienating aspects of a big agglomeration. There always something to see and to do — even simply walking around is always a pleasure.”