Photographer and writer Ahtziri Lagarde relocated to Italy a decade ago, and soon discovered the perfect storm for storytelling. “When I decided to move, my biggest fear was missing the vast culture I was used to in Mexico,” she recalls. “But the warm people, colors, food and amazing landscapes of Naples didn’t let that happen. It’s impossible to remain indifferent in front of a city with such a strong personality.”

Lagarde enjoys photographing the city because its unique congregation of structures are complemented by nature and a human element that weaves through it all. “There’s sort of a continuous anarchic flow that keeps Naples extremely alive,” she says, “which is why I call it ‘the magic chaos’ — it finds its balance, just like the universe.”

While the immersive experience provides an abundance of inspiration, Lagarde also enjoys stepping away to take in the city’s buzz from afar. “It’s amazing how you can observe the Neapolitan energy from a silent spot,” she explains.

“Naples is unique because of the richness of its folklore,” Lagarde continues. “Greeks, Romans, Germans, Bourbons… all of them have been here. The Neapolitan personality is so colorful because the shades of such a rich history are painted on a perfect canvas with the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Vesuvius as the backdrop.”