“In my opinion, Montreal’s greatest strength is its diversity,” says Drowster, who resides in the beautiful French Canadian city. “We have a typical downtown area, a 375 year-old district, a mountain with a lake in the heart of the city, an artificial island for festivals, neighborhoods with tons of character and so much more.”

From portraiture to lifestyle photography and commercial work, Drowster’s subject matter and choice of camera varies. However, Montreal’s unique blend of historic and modern architecture provides regular inspiration for his mobile photography. “I pay a lot of attention to the small details when I walk,” he mentions before adding: “I truly love capturing different genres, but really want to become a documentary photographer — telling visual stories about people and places over extended periods of time.”

Montreal has very pronounced seasons, which means plenty of opportunities to capture its evolution throughout the year, whether you’re on the colorful streets of the Le Plateau borough or strolling through La Fontaine Park. “Every part of the city is fun to revisit,” Drowster mentions. “It’s one of the most lively places I’ve every encountered.”