“Milan has always been a source of great interest and curiosity,” says Andrea Sopranzi, a graphic designer and co-founder of a communication and research project called YELLOWCYAN.” It’s an international reality which is, at the same time, deeply connected to the Italian tradition.”

Located in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, Milan is the country’s second most populated city after Rome. Often recognized for its deep-seated fashion roots, Andrea is quick to point out that Milan is an all-encompassing creative hub.

“It’s a place where fashion, art and design interact constantly, building a rich blend of inspiration and imagination,” he explains. “Milan is the gateway to Europe, but it’s also Europe’s gateway to Italy.”

Having studied photography for three years, Andrea enjoys capturing details. As a departure from the beautiful natural settings he photographs in and around Pesaro, where he resides, Milan offers a welcomed visual contrast.

“The city has two different styles — on one side the Gothic architecture and monuments full of history, and on the other avant-garde urban buildings made of glass and steel,” he mentions. “My favorite part of Milan is Piazza Gae Aulenti, one of the most modern and futuristic places in the city. I like the effects of light play and reflections that are created between the buildings, especially during sunset.”