Marianna Jamadi, otherwise known by her social moniker Nomadic Habit, is a half-Finnish, half-Indonesian photographer based in Long Beach, California. A peruse through her portfolio transports you to regions of the world often reserved for bucket lists and offers authentic cultural experiences as diverse as she is. Though globetrotting from South America to Northern Europe and back as part of her life’s passion and now full-time profession, she always comes home to the city of Long Beach.

Documenting her love for her hometown through social media with LBSee, this southernmost city in Los Angeles County is a hidden gem along the Southern California coastline. A hybrid of urban and beach life, it’s one of the only cities in the area that boasts a downtown right at water’s edge. And with a population of nearly half-a-million people, it’s home to a sundry of residents. “I really love the diversity of the city and the people that inhabit it,” Marianna explains. “Sometimes beach cities can feel exclusive or unapproachable, but when you head down to the beach you’ll find every type of person enjoying the same space.”

Downtown Long Beach — once a roaring hub of the early to mid 20th century — is currently having a revival after several decades of change. “I live downtown and it’s my favorite place to snap,” she mentions. “There is so much history in this area that it’s easy to get lost in composing photos that bring you back to another era.” The perfect refuge between Orange County and LA proper, Long Beach is having a moment.