After exploring the Faroe Islands, photographer and world traveller Leonard Fong spent some time in the colorful city of Fes, Morocco. This historic place is located in a valley bordered by the foothills of the Atlas mountains in northwest Africa. More than a thousand years old, Fes is regarded as the cultural and spiritual center of Morocco. “Within the walls of Fes el-Bali, Old Fes, is a labyrinth of thousands of narrow alleys made up of houses, water fountains, medinas and souks, which can be overwhelming,” Fong says.

Leading up to Fes, his photographic eye rapidly developed as a by-product of travelling. “I was living in NYC for 10 years working in studios, continually travelling for work, and recently left the city to travel and shoot full-time,” Fong explains. “I want to share life outside of North America, and want people to be motivated to explore the world experience for themselves.”

Wherever he may be, Fong’s lens is mainly focused on shooting architecture, culture, portraits and under-explored, far off places. He will often spend weeks learning about a location and the people behind it, as he did in Fes.

“Morocco has always been one of my top 10 spots in the world to visit, and I was drawn to Fes because it’s one of the oldest cities in the country,” he adds. “I felt like I was in the cartoon Aladdin — a world stuck in time. If you need to escape from all the chaos, find refuge in a quiet madrasa and get overwhelmed by the magnificent architecture.”