“Photography has literally changed how I see the world,” says Matthew Yarnell, who primarily shoots landscapes and environmental portraits. “It introduced me to so many new possibilities and people I never thought I would meet.”

For the City Limitless series, Matthew shares his unique perspective of Dallas, Texas —  a place he sees as having infinite potential.

“Dallas has so much culture, business and growth, but its identity hasn’t been solidified yet — I love that,” he explains. “We are still growing and forming who we are, and that’s something beautiful to be a part of.

Matthew explores opportunistic light with a focus on the downtown area, where he’s spent countless hours exploring the vast network of streets from various vantage points.

“Downtown is definitely worth your time; there always seems to be a new area that I missed or haven’t shot yet,” he mentions. “Trinity Groves, another great area, and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge offer a fantastic view of the skyline. The Bishop Arts District is also one of my favorites because it’s full of local food, coffee and speciality stores. The style and eclectic feel of the area is definitely photogenic.”