“I love telling stories, and I get to tell a new one every weekend as an international wedding photographer,” says David Guenther. “Over the last two years I’ve had the chance to shoot more lifestyle work, which allows me to be a bit more hands-on with setting up what the story looks like.”

Originally from Lethbridge, Canada, David spent a stint working in Spain, where he had the chance to capture the unique sight lines that Barcelona’s plethora of narrow streets has to offer.

“My favourite thing about the city is that it always feels quaint and local to me, even though it’s a massive,” he shares. “The streets are small, and the best areas are really compact — it’s different from any other big city I’ve been to.”

“El Born is definitely my favourite area of Barcelona to carry my camera around,” David adds. “It’s historic and saturated with art and culture. I love being inspired by what I’m seeing when photographing a city.”