“A work opportunity is what led me to Amsterdam, which involved exploring and shooting around the city,” explains UK-based photographer Chris Buxton. “It’s the perfect place to experience on foot by hopping on and off the trams, or on a bicycle if you’re brave enough to join the rush.”

Chris combines his long-standing passion for photography with his outgoing personality to energetically explore new places from a different perspective. “Normally my go-to photography genres are outdoor and lifestyle because I live in a very rural area of Wales,” he mentions. “But I find myself shooting out of my comfort zone a lot more, and it was refreshing to capture Amsterdam.”

Whether it’s the Droog Gallery or the famed Van Gogh Museum, Chris mentions that Amsterdam is perfect for art aficionados. “The whole city has a calmness to it,” he adds,” and the distinctive architecture lining each street and canal keeps you wandering, which is the way to really appreciate this place.”