Well Travelled: Byron Bay

September 4, 2014


Holly McCauley is an Australian designer who has worked with publications such as Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal. As a recent contributor to the Journal Issue Three, Holly captured the pastoral views of Byron Bay, Australia for Well Travelled. Follow along with her images and words below…

Byron Bay is a pretty magical spot. It’s the most easterly point of the Australian mainland and is the perfect combination of beach, hinterland, rainforest, country town and rolling hills. We thought we’d do a little exploring and bring you a little guide for a lazy Thursday autumn afternoon.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 1Stumble across a local record fair held to one of the quaintest town halls we’ve ever seen.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 2Flick through album after album until your eyes go fuzzy.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 3Settle for some 80’s punk surf.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 4Hop in the car, it’s time to find a beer.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 5Make your way to a cute old country pub.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 6Order a local brew.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 7…and a feed.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 8With a full belly, drive through the endless grassy fields, over windy roads and past epic views.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 10See if you can spot the lighthouse and get a bird’s eye view of the bay.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 11Take a photo.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 12Park the car and load those tipples into an esky.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 13Soon you’ll find a narrow little path, it looks pretty promising.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 14After a bit of walking, the ocean will peek through the foliage.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 15Keep going.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 16With any luck, the beach will be all yours, not another soul in sight.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 17Find a spot to set up, the sun is slowly setting and you’ve just got enough time to watch the dusk roll in.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 19Take in the view, get a little salt on your cheeks and get your toes nice and sandy.

HSC_herschel_supply_well_travelled_bryonbay_ 20Enjoy.


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